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Frequently Asked Questions

Any roofing repair, installation, replacement, or home renovation brings with it a lot of important questions and we are here to answer all of them!

Your Sol Exteriors Project Manager. They can guide you through the entire process including selecting the roofing materials that best fit your needs. Together you can go through shingle samples and all the details, scheduling, and timeline of your project. They can answer any questions that you have at any point during your roofing project and recommend our roofing suppliers.

Your roof will be built as fast as possible weather permitting. The season can also affect the timeline due to the number of daylight hours, amount, and complexity of our current project that is already underway as well as material delivery.

Generally, your roofing construction will begin between a week or two from having all the paperwork submitted to Sol Roofing and Exteriors. This would include your contract paperwork, insurance approved claim, your roofing material and color selection, pre-job checklist, and your roofing project estimate.

We will notify you a day before the construction materials will be dropped off at your residence. You will also be given a date when the roofing job will commence. The timeline from dropping off the materials to your roof being built is most affected by the weather.

This all depends on your city’s availability. Usually, they are very efficient, however, when there is a major storm, roofing inspectors may be busier than normal which would affect how fast they can come and inspect your roof. The most amount that it can take is several weeks, but even though it’s rare it can take months.

Be assured that we will stay on top of the process to make the inspection seamless and as fast as possible.

Rest assured that we are requesting inspections and staying on top of this process for you.

We typically leave a ladder at your residence for the inspector to check the roof. Roofing companies are required to provide a ladder for inspectors.

The ladder will be picked up after the roof inspectors have inspected your home. Usually, it is the same day we leave the ladder there.

Please keep that permit on your front door until it has been approved by the code inspector. It is required for you to keep it there in order to pass the inspection. Once you see their signature on the “inspection completed” line of the permit, you’re allowed to take it down and keep it for your records. However, if there are any indications that corrections need to be made please let us know so that we may review the permit and set up repairs and another inspection.


Please contact us if you have any issues with your project. Our team will bring an “Areas of Concern” for you to show them what is damaged and resolve the issue. Consider that oftentimes after a roofing project has been finished, there are things on your residence that were damaged prior to construction, but maybe missed until a closer examination. We will do our best to carefully document your residence before we start the project. So, we ask you to keep this in mind as we determine the cause of damages and resolve any issues.

Generally, when you receive these types of payments from your insurance company, that money is to reimburse Sol Roofing and Exteriors for the work performed or that is to be completed.

To avoid this please contact us if you are unsure of such a payment and we’d be happy to clarify and avoid complications.

The invoice simply shows the final amount that is owed by your insurance company for the claim that was agreed upon. You will receive a payment for the balance due from your insurer.

If the amount received differs from the amount requested on your invoice – it is either your deductible or a mistake by your insurer.

As always, please contact us if you are unsure of your bill, or the payment you receive from your insurer. 

If the work has been completed, but you have not yet received a final bill from Sol Roofing and Exteriors, there might be a few reasons for this.


  1. The insurance company may be reviewing all claim-related documents, photographs, and estimates to decide the payment amount. It may take a few weeks.
  2. Sol Roofing & Exteriors could need the signed Certificate of Completion returned by you. In order for us to send the final amount due to your insurer, we need to make sure that you are satisfied by you providing us with a signed certificate.
  3. The delay may also be an “Areas of Concern” form that has been filled out and Sol Roofing & Exteriors may be working on setting up the requested repairs. After those are done, we will need the Certificate of Completion to send the final balance due to your insurance company.

Generally, if your roofing project is an insurance claim then we are not able to accept credit card payments (other than the insurance deductible). This is because credit card merchant services charge hefty processing fees for us to process a payment.

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