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Sol Roofing & Exteriors works with individual homeowners, site supervisors, apartment and neighborhood managers to provide the top roofing services in the area.  We specialize in both residential and commercial roofing. Whether your home needs a new roof or a repair from hail or storm damage we are here to help!

Please see below to find out more about some of our services in Denver, Westminster, Aurora, Longmont, Erie, and Fort Collins Colorado:


  • Residential Re-Roofing Service: This is a great option if your roof is in good condition in general, but could use some repair. This service uses new shingles to layer on top of previously installed roof shingles as well as tearing off severely damaged shingles to replace them with new ones.


  • Complete Roof Replacement / Installation Service: If your roof has been severely damaged by hail and the  UV rays start eating away at the thread causing the shingles to further deteriorate, then you need a new roof. We provide one of the fastest roof replacement services in Colorado and help you seamlessly navigate your insurance claims.


  • Roof Repair Services: Normal wear and tear can cause shingles to deteriorate and realtors, for example, want a roof certification that doesn’t require a full roof replacement. That’s where we come in and replace / repair any missing or deteriorated shingles to have your roof be inspection certified.

    This is one of the most common services we provide other than roof replacement and you will love our work! We offer a 2 year & 5 year roof certification.


  • Gutter Replacement Services: Part of our expertise goes beyond the roof and into exterior repairs, including gutters. We remove and replace gutters as well as downspouts. We install “seamless” gutters. Our talented team will create the gutter to length without having to have joints in the gutter. It’s all one long piece.


  • Siding Installation Services: In addition to gutters we can also install different types of siding including lap siding. Our goal is to both make your home look amazing and choose the best material with the best installation process to protect your home.
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Sol Exteriors offers commitment FREE roof inspections including gutters and more.

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